What feeling do You associate with Your daily cravings? Smoking,unhealthy eating,drinking,shopping training addiction and so on. Habits that You might want to get rid of.You tried new habits or programs that work for a while, but then you are back on the old track again. You start walking across the bridge to the other side but then You turn around and walk back to what You know, to safety. A place that surrounded by triggers ,controll, needs, habitual tendencies or things that you clinge on to and don't want to let go of, things that you associate with yourself. Or You might hope that someone else will fix it, a coach, a relationship, a doctor, a massage therapis or a pill.  

You know deep inside what You have to do, but You shut it of. "I´ll do it later" or with willpower try to fix and change the surroundings but get exausted, because it does not work at all. All thoose things is from an outside in experience. So we have these temporaly behaviours as a relief from stress, worry or anxiety. But if You instead try to be present and aware of thoose behaviour without judgement, shame, blame, ringht or wrong and negative self talk. And instead be courious and ask your self - "What do I get out of this?" - "How does it feel right now doing this?"-  "How long does this reward last? Then You might stop judging and start forgiving yourself instead. And find the currage to listen from the inside out.



If it's ten past ten and You are thinking what you have to do at one o clock. Then You are using time in advance in your mind and living in the future.


Recently my train broke down on my way to a job I had to do. The six-hour travel came to an end where two other passengers and I, decide to take a taxi the last 170 km because the bus never came that was supposed to get us further to the next station, and another train....


My reflection on NFL Quarterback Andrew Luck's departure and the importance to listen when the body says no.
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