Hundred meters left after 5 hours of climbing into thin air. But we are behind schedule, time is running out, and bad weather is approaching. Some might make it, some don't  What do we do? The ability to change and realize that the circumstances looks different, and we have to let go this time and turn around, and not sacrifice the team or ourselves is crucial. The choices we now make will have severe consequences. But we have to make a decision and stop hoping the weather will be better or that we get more time. There are facts and there are wishes.

To have a fixed plan or a specific goal, future expectations or looking for a reward can sometimes make us loose our perspective when things change. As an old bond and stockmarket trader and portfolio manager I know. Shock, denial, blame or stress will cloud our judgment. We freeze, escpe responsability and make us gambling with time and others. Sooner or later the realization sinks in but then is to late. There are times for analyzing to perfection and there are times for action. There are times for glory and times for safety, it's called risk. When and how to cut Your losses.

We set budgets and goals every year based on what we know now. But tomorrow is not the same as today and the circumstances could look different. But we still going after the same map but the terrain has changed. Until we discover we have the wrong map. We then blame the circumstances for our failure or the low likelihood and probability.

We have an airbag in the car for a reason, or an extra parachute even if we hope we never need them.

So how can we make the right decisions when circumstances change. Well to start is letting go of our EGO. The non self, your beliefs who You think You are. The one You think You have to be to be ok. Who are afraid of failure and have hard to admit that I was wrong. Who put attention what others think about You and your status, that You need to protect, and sometimes make You act in fear. Who limit our awareness for smart choices because we don't listen to what´s right and inate, our gut feeling. But if we can be calm, get some fresh air and give our true self a chance we might see the truth and we will make choices that are so obvious. And we can see the circumstances for what they are, not what we wanted them to be. Even if the likelihood was small.

"They learned from their parents to always speak the truth. Always speak the truth, children, that's what our parents told us. But we can't say that to our own children – no way, we must teach them to always speak the likelihood. The likelihood, the whole likelihood, and nothing but the likelihood.                     - Tage Danielsson "On Likelihood"


Granen är vårt mest värdefullaste träd. Ett antal arter är även väldigt beroende av just granen för dess överlevnad. Du kanske inte har svampar och lava som växer på dig men det finns säkert en del andra arter som tycker du värdefull.


Bättre en jobbig väg i rätt riktning än en lätt väg i fel.


Att gäddor kan lura i vassen känner vi till. När vi inte minst anar det så dyker det upp och anfaller. Samtidigt som solen går ner bakom Sjöbloms dass.
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