"I dont have enough time, I have so much to do, think if something goes wrong. If Your thinking is always somewere else, if Your thinking is three hours ahead from now, planing what you must do. Then You will never get enough time. If it's ten o´clock and You are thinking what you have to do at one o´clock. Then You are using time in advance in your mind and living in the future. A beaviour that is creating stress, worry and anxiety. Or when You are sitting at a meeting with your time manager infront of you, and your are thiniking about the next meeting or what's for dinner, You are internernally multitasking and You are not present what´s going on. 

"The present moment is the only moment."

"But I need to know," I need to be prepared if someting happends, "I must have control. - Things we say to ourselves. But when we do one thing at the time, prioritize, say no, ask what is important, breath to recharge and focus, then good things happends. Its not the actual time we spend doing the work, its the energy level and focus we have to complete the task that will give us time. If you are tired, not recover from work, not taking care of yourself and you need more time because you are tired and can not focus, then you will run out of time.



What feelings do You associate with Your daily cravingings. What triggers your behaviour?


Recently my train broke down on my way to a job I had to do. The six-hour travel came to an end where two other passengers and I, decide to take a taxi the last 170 km because the bus never came that was supposed to get us further to the next station, and another train....


My reflection on NFL Quarterback Andrew Luck's departure and the importance to listen when the body says no.
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